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Every night, monsters burst from the shadows to roam the graveyard grounds. As a member of the Graveyard Shift, it is your duty to prevent their escape!

Protect the graveyard in this deck-building board game. Play through 10 different handmade levels! Can you collect all 30+ unique cards?

Note: the web build is generally less performant/stable than the downloadable builds below. If you have a lower end machine, please consider giving them a try instead!

Built with Godot for the GitHub Game Off 2022 over the course of 30 days.

Fully open source here:


  • P - pause
  • Mouse - everything else

Controller support unfortunately didn't make it in time :(




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This is probably the first game on this Jam I played more than one hour.

I made a recording too:

Note that I had to split it into more than one part. :D

Some random thoughts:

  • The game looks so good! But some assets look more polished than the others. Or maybe it’s just me.

  • Perhaps the “undo turn” button would be useful. I found myself in a brain fart situation where I saw a better move a second after I committed to something sub-optimal.

  • I wish I could grab all the treasures! I think it’s hard to beat the game from one sitting and manage to collect 100% treasures at the same time.

  • I enjoyed the mechanics like pushing the enemy into the pit with a gust card. Feels great.

  • That caterpillar is so OP! xD

  • It’s quite easy to fell into off-by-1 mistakes in this game. I miscalculated the adventurer movement a couple of times because of that. Maybe the game could give a hint which rout would they take and how many tiles they’ll traverse? It looks like opening the treasure takes 1 action, so they’ll move 1 tile after that. It’s not always easy to keep in mind. The other case is “turns remaining”. Maybe some indication about the turn being the last one would be useful. Because when you see “1” it might mean “you need to survive for 1 more turn after this” or “this is the last turn”.

  • I wish there was some infinite mode or any other way to continue playing. AFAIK, all levels were hand-crafted and it’s a good thing from one point of view. But it limits the replayability a little bit.

  • After the victory credits, pressing the play button crashed the game

I’m interested to see the expanded version of the game. A few improvements here and there, more game content, replayability (or an infinite mode) and it will be a solid game I could consider purchasing.


Really cool game ! I really enjoyed finding the right solution to keep those monsters away. I did had to quit at some point on a level that seemed... just impossible. Having to survive 8 turns with 6 of those blob moving 1 square, it seemed like I just didn't have the tools to deal with it.


This is really awesome! I could play it for a long time. Really fun puzzle solving and figuring out which treasure to buy!